Learn Where You Live

Make online learning feel like you’re on vacation.


Have you ever heard the word “Topophilia?” 
It means to love the place where you live!

For a world as big as ours, Greater Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) is a very cool place to call home. If you live here (or just WISH that you did), you’re invited to take virtual field trips around Greater Fort Lauderdale to see the cool places, meet interesting people and discover some exotic things unique to the area. Along the way you’ll learn about math, science, geography, language, history, arts, culture and sports. Imagine, schoolwork that is fun!

No permission slip needed!

The Junior Ambassador program consists of two lesson-rich modules: one aimed at grades 3-5, and the next aimed at 6-8 graders. 

Explore our online curriculum here:

Elementary Module

Middle School Module

When you have completed your lessons you will be certified as one of our “Visit Lauderdale Junior Ambassadors.”  You’ll know so much, you’ll be the best tour guide your friends and family have ever met!

Disclosure: Lessons were crafted by staff members at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau and not trained education professionals. We share a love and passion for our destination and want to instill this in children – those that live right here in Greater Fort Lauderdale we well as those from around the world – with lessons meant to be educational and fun. We used a variety of sources including attraction websites, local government websites, Wikipedia and other educational (.org) websites, as well as our own local knowledge.