Junior Ambassador 

The Junior Ambassador elementary-level program consists of lessons, aimed at grades 3-5, created for children to explore and learn traditional school subjects like math, science, history, language, geography, etc. with Greater Fort Lauderdale locations and themes.

Each subject matter has various lessons with quizzes or learning activities at the end to foster reading comprehension and imagination!

For each completed subject matter, the child will receive a badge of completion. Once all four subjects have been completed, click below to get your certificate and become an official Visit Lauderdale Junior Ambassador! 


To access the Middle School Edition, click here.

Learn Where You Live

Disclosure: Lessons were created by staff members at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau and not trained educational professionals. Our team shares a love and passion for our destination and want to instill this in children around the world with lessons meant to be educational and fun. We used a variety of sources including attraction websites from Broward County, government websites, wikipedia, and other educational (.org) websites.