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Over the past century, Greater Fort Lauderdale has transformed from farmlands into one of the most dynamic destinations in the country—where you’ll find both gold-sand shores and swamplands, world-class museums and nature parks, and a melting pot of cuisines and cultures. With more than 170 countries represented, diversity is one of Greater Fort Lauderdale’s strengths—and part of why the area is so popular for multicultural travel. 

Greater Fort Lauderdale’s largest minority group is now Hispanic, making up nearly 30% of the population, and nearly a quarter of the population is Black. The area is home to a large Caribbean-American community—and boasts the most Jamaicans in  the country. Back when the city first got its start, African Americans from Georgia and South Carolina blended with Bahamians and native Floridians and Seminoles—and you can still see this Bahamian background in the style of housing and cuisine in Greater Fort Lauderdale today.

In the city of Plantation, Caribbean culture is celebrated and preserved at Island SPACE, a museum that acts as an archive and exhibition space to share the history and heritage of people from the Caribbean, as well as the impact of the Caribbean Diaspora on the country. 

Island SpaceGreater Fort Lauderdale’s diverse spirit even extends to sports like cricket, a national sport in countries like England, Jamaica, Barbados and Grenada. In the cultural hub of Lauderhill, the 110-acre Central Broward Regional Park and Central Broward Stadium features two cricket fields and was the first in the country to receive certification by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to be able to host international matches. Catch one of the matches or try your hand at the sport yourself.

Cricket Match

At The Casino @ Dania Beach, you can watch Jai-Alai, a ball game from Basque country that made its way to Cuba and then the U.S. in the early 1900s. 


While cultural annual events and sports competitions are reasons enough to visit Greater Fort Lauderdale, the area is perfect year-round for family reunions, since it’s a gateway to the Caribbean and easily accessible from most spots in the country. Plan historical visits with local narrators, ancestral tours of libraries and cultural centers, or simply a day in one of the many parks, where you can gather everyone together for a picnic under a pavilion or day out on the water boating, kayaking, or paddle boarding through the diverse nature the region has to offer. 

Group or vacation traveler – the area offers a myriad of opportunities to celebrate the spirit of diversity in a friendly resort setting, or beyond the beach.

Enjoy the flavors - Caribbean-style and Latin fusion cuisine and some of the south's best soul food and BBQ.  View exhibits at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center. Discover the heritage of the Seminole Indians. Explore some of the hidden gems of diversity the county offers - places with their own unique rhythms and cultural ambiance.

Contact the multicultural team to learn more about diverse vacation, family reunion and meeting opportunities:

Neki Mohan, Vice President, Multicultural Business and Community Engagement

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