Weights aren’t dropping. Cycles aren’t spinning. And the only public treadmills any of us are on are the corporate kind. From a public health perspective, it makes total sense to close the places where everyone touches everything, all while sweating right next to each other. But from a personal health perspective, this could set back your fitness goals by months.

Luckily, we have the internet. And gyms and studios around Greater Fort Lauderdale are helping us get our fit on while we wait for the COVID crisis to pass. Some put their classes on their website. Others have YouTube channels. Either way, you can continue—or restart—your new year’s resolution. No excuses!


Yoga Joint is known for its patient and caring instructors, taking time with newbies and the super flexible alike. Now, they’re taking that online. Their free web classes are about an hour long, taking you through the steps and positions to help you achieve that rush that comes with a stress-relieving session.

SOL Yoga is also putting its classes out there for us to find our zen. In addition to an amazing one-hour yoga session, there’s also a 20-minute video of a guided meditation. From the moment Kim starts talking, you can feel the stress start to melt away. And let’s be honest, these days we’ll take any opportunity to have a little less stress on our shoulders.

Be sure to also check out Bend & Breathe’s yoga sessions on YouTube and Anuttara Yoga’s morning livestreams on Facebook.

And, if you need to find your quiet, Meditate with Ina has her free weekly guide meditations on SoundCloud where you can still enjoy 40 minutes of peaceful balance.

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You may need to gear up to keep up, and a lot of fitness stores are keeping their online stores going. Gyms To Go up in Pompano Beach is taking online orders, and their accessories page is worth a glance or you can shop the home equipment to get everything from a rowing machine to an incline trainer. Gym Source has a Broward County location and its online store offers lots of equipment to keep your workouts going, like foam rollers, body bars, yoga mats, and resistance bands.

Remember, it’s okay if you don’t build a lot of muscle or don’t beat your best time on the stationary bike. The goal here is to stay in the habit and stay on your fitness goals. And maybe you’ll learn some new exercises and skills along the way.