Apply for a Tourism Sponsorship

  1. Review the eligibility and guidelines information. For information on eligibility and guidelines click here.
  2. View a sample of the application and plan your responses. Click here to download the sample.
  3. Fill out the application online via DocuSign. Click here to fill it out via DocuSign. It's strongly encouraged that you download the sample on step 2 above to plan your responses in advance.
  • If you complete an application, you will receive an email from DocuSign with a subject "Completed:..."
  • If you started an application but did not complete it you may get an email from DocuSign informing you that the application has been voided. Each time you start an application is considered a separate application so clicking on the DocuSign link multiple times may result in multiple emails: for example, one saying completed and other(s) saying voided. 



For Standard Sponsorship Terms and Conditions for Visit Lauderdale click here.