manage your account:

1. The Partner Bulletins contains step-by-step guides to update your listing.

A snip of the home screen of the Partner Portal/Extranet

2. Click the Member Profile to view/edit your property information.

A snip from the partner portal showing where edit tabs are located   screen shot of login button location

3. After you click on Accounts, you will be presented with your account name and various actions you can perform. (If you manage more than on account, you will be able to toggle between them using the dropdown menu in the top right corner, noted in the snip under #1). The pencil icon will allow you to edit your property information. By clicking the eyeball icon, you can view your property information. The down arrow icon will allow you to view/edit your amenities and meeting space information.

You only need to update the amenities that apply to your listing.

Screen shot showing where to edit amenities


Next Step:
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