Greater Fort Lauderdale's first immersive digital art museum is set to open in Dania Beach. Whether you're a local or a visitor in search of some excitement, the region's creative spirit promises an endless array of fresh experiences to uncover across many neighborhoods. Prepare for more excitement as the Mad Arts Museum takes center stage, poised to reshape how you experience art during your stay in Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Born from the visionary minds at Mad Arts, a hub for cutting-edge projects and collaborations, this permanent two-story museum in Dania Beach will redefine the boundaries of artistic exploration once it opens during the IGNITE Broward Festival January 24-28. This family-friendly event celebrates immersive art, making it the perfect time to explore the Mad Arts Museum.

Mad Arts

“Our new expansion enables us to broaden the diverse spectrum of entrancing installations, educational programs, site-specific installations, and permanent commissions,” says Marc Aptakin, CEO of Mad, an end-to-end creative agency that showcases artists, designers, and creatives whose work disrupts, provokes, and transforms what art and technology can achieve. Mad Arts is behind programs such as CODAsummit NFT, Erotika II Pride Festival, and more. 

The new museum offers a fresh perspective on technological and immersive art. It spans over 50,000 square feet of indoor space and features a sculptural garden in the backyard with food and beverages available. With more than 20 installations ranging from projection mapping to light sculptures and robots to lasers, this museum is a true playground for artists.

Mad Arts

Some noteworthy exhibitions to check out include: 

  • “Existence” by Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki explores the interconnectedness of light and shadow. 
  • A site-specific commission that will become part of Mad Arts' permanent collection called "The Empty Mirror of the Sky" by the artist collective Shuster + Moseley, invites visitors to contemplate flickering strands and spontaneous spheres of light reflected on suspended lenses. 
  • The alluring laser, sound, and water installation titled “Laser Like Water” by J.S. Baillat, Ottomata, and Diagra.
  • The work by Mad Arts' engine collaborator MadLabs, with three site-specific installations: “Luminescent Sylva,” “Infinite Dimensions,” and “Nano Groove.”

What sets this museum apart is the interactive experience. Before entering, you'll receive a colored wristband indicating how much interaction you desire with museum staff. “We want to help guests have the best experience here at the museum,” says Aptakin. Whether you want a guided tour or prefer to explore at your own pace for those perfect Instagram shots, the Mad Arts Museum is designed to cater to your preferences.

“We had a lot of fun making the museum and engaging with the artists,” says Aptakin. “I hope the visitors have as much fun as we did to create it. This is more or less a new medium of art, and I think it's a way for people to engage with it, learn about it, and be able to create their own.”