weddings & honeymoons

Greater Fort Lauderdale is a matrimonial delight. With a moonrise or ocean as your backdrop, or a striking botanical garden or five-star resort as the setting, a Greater Fort Lauderdale wedding is unmatched in conjuring unforgettable romance - matched only by the area's role as a honeymoon destination.

The diversity of Greater Fort Lauderdale's unique qualities and offerings is unmatched by most other destinations. Vows can be exchanged or renewed...

Greater Fort Lauderdale also welcomes honeymooners at a host of luxury, five-star properties or quaint private hotels or bed and breakfast getaways.

The area also is a waypoint for newlyweds on their way to enjoy their weddings or honeymoons aboard a cruise from Port Everglades. Thinking of extending your stay in Greater Fort Lauderdale before or after that cruise? Learn more here.