"Laudy Dayo"

Greater Fort Lauderdale's New Anthem

Local Emmy®-nominated songwriter, performer, and impact artist Alexander Star has partnered with Visit Lauderdale, the official destination marketing organization for Greater Fort Lauderdale, to debut a new destination anthem titled “Laudy Dayo”. The song is available for digital download via streaming platforms.

This melodic anthem is set to make big waves and bring positive vibes to its listeners. Combined with Star’s signature style and the vibrant culture of Greater Fort Lauderdale, “Laudy Dayo” is a celebration of the diverse community, picturesque landscapes, and dynamic energy. The anthem is poised to become a timeless representation of Greater Fort Lauderdale’s identity, leaving a lasting impression on everyone under the sun.

“Having extremely talented and local artist Alexander Star create, compose, and perform a song that showcases our destination in a unique and extraordinary way is yet another first for Visit Lauderdale as we continue to promote our destination. This brand new and original anthem speaks to the diversity of Greater Fort Lauderdale and paints its beauty in a song” said Stacy Ritter, president and CEO of Visit Lauderdale.

Listeners can expect an immersive musical journey as “Laudy Dayo” weaves together catchy beats, soulful lyrics, and Star’s distinctive vocals. The anthem reflects the artist’s deep connection to the destination and commitment to showcasing its unparalleled beauty.

This anthem has the power to inspire hope and emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and fostering a sense of unity among those who call Greater Fort Lauderdale home and those who are discovering its magic for the first time. In an effort to share “Laudy Dayo” with the local community, Star will be performing alongside his dynamic 5-piece live band, The Golden People, at the following events: