Steve Waters

Steve Waters has written about the great outdoors in Fort Lauderdale for newspapers and magazines for more than 30 years. He fishes for everything from bass and bluegills to sailfish and snappers.

July Fishing Report

Fishing for wahoo and catching lobsters highlight the things to do in Fort Lauderdale and beyond during July for anglers and scuba divers. Among the fastest, tastiest fish in the ocean, wahoo is caught year-round in South Florida, but one of the absolute best times to land a trophy wahoo for boats…

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August Fishing Report

The week leading up to and after the full moon in August is the best time of the year to catch a wahoo off Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, wahoo are among the fastest fish in the ocean. When they eat a bait, it’s literally off to the races as a wahoo…

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May Fishing Report

May is prime time for you to catch two of the most popular offshore fish in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area – the colorful, acrobatic dolphin (the fish also known as Mahi-Mahi, not the mammal) and the hard-fighting blackfin tuna. This month is also when you should start thinking about booking a…

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June Fishing Report

One of the coolest things about fishing in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area in June is the variety of species that are available offshore. Visitors and residents can catch everything from kingfish, dolphin and blackfin tuna to cobia, wahoo and blue marlin. Hooking one or more of those fish would be…

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April Fishing Report

No matter where you cast a fishing line, April is the best time to catch a bucket-list fish in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. From trophy largemouth bass in the Everglades to tarpon in the Intracoastal Waterway to sailfish and snapper offshore, now is when all those fish are biting. Saltwater…

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September Fishing Report

October in Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida, means schools of mullet migrating south off the beaches and in the Intracoastal Waterway. That translates into exceptional fishing for a variety of species for anglers casting lines from boats, fishing piers, docks, seawalls, bridges and beaches. Mullet…

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